lay with me. (interlude IX)

Lay with me,
Let our Skin remember sweetness

Recall softness
Draw out delicacy
Cradling hearts

Turn salty tears into honeyed wine

Lay with me,
Pardon this skin, that’s covered in scars, under cloths
That has a hard time releasing guards,

Smiles with hope in the corner of my mouth
This skin, that has a tough time,
Being woman born black, losing control,
receiving support
Sharing control
Letting go.
I’ve been doing this alone, pardon me.

Lay with me,
I’m in need of some patience.
I am no easy road
The destination, a chore

Much labor to be endured
I am not such a breeze
Storms to stand where I already belonged
The fight tempted to flee


Lay with me,
When all I can do is sleep
Not wanting pieces from me
But wanting peace for me

Silence, if it suits me best
Kisses for warmth
your Skin alongside mine in ease

Lay with me,
Because sometimes,
I can do nothing else
Except, lay here
To keep breathing


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