the want, of you.

i want your hands on my hips, anchoring me, to you
your mouth swallowing my gasps

i want to pant above your head, near your ear while i moan your name
my body straddled atop yours
my arms wrapped around your head
my / your body, one cluster of vibrations

i want my fingers to travel through and around the band of jeans and underwear
part the sea and release the sweet coming

i want my lips between legs unafraid to allow for my exploration,
your hands guide my head into the deep
your hips rotating against my mouth

i want to open legs and taste salty drops on my tongue
sifting life out and into me

i want to lay at the entrance of your beginning and inhale your divinity

i want to look up, through my lashes, pasts the mounds of your body parts
to see the lust in your eyes
the passion in the biting of your lips
the way you try to watch me, watch you
the way that i think you enjoy this part, most

i want the whispers, the screams, the swear words, praises to god in this language and past lives; the gripping me closely and pushing me away at the same time, so that i don’t move, so soon

i want the almost there
the letting me know, how close you are
how much of you, you want me to have

i want the scratches on my neck
the hisses, piercing the darkness
the sighs, into your pillows
the moans, you try to cover
you could yell, i want you to

i want the flower covered in midnight dew
a fluttering heartbeat against my lips

i want the flow
silence and rapid breaths
your body, an electric rod
caught up in the here and now
on the edge of beginnings
of dimensions

i want the collapse
released to earth, to me

i want to kiss your lips and taste the salty spiced musk of myself
on your tongue
your body underneath mine
the moist, beneath my fingertips
traveling along the lines
of your skin

i want to watch you sleep
my name, at the corner of your lips
my face, underneath your eyes
in dreams
my words, left in your loose limbs

i want to see you rest
like this, at the end of each evening
against my skin
until, i want

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