stored kisses.

i keep your kisses in my shoes
between my socks and my feet
the tips of my toes
the sole of my bottom
after a long day
in dark spaces
can’t sit straight
neck so sore
it stiffen up
mind is away
ain’t got nothing to feel
thoughts scattered
legs weighted to the floor
from day labor
mindless work
can’t stand no more

pull off my shoes
before bed
kisses fall out
grow up me like vines
root out my mouth
like stars
pooling like rivers
sweet ripe nights
moon bright in my throat
filled and empty
side by side
holding kisses to my frame
mere existence
day to day
lost memories in the land
visits from stored kisses
like a cigarette break
restoring peace

kisses free
burning mystery
past lifetimes
your breaths flutter about
remembering me
soaked in morning dew
eucalyptic relief
dream each other’s dreams
swimming beneath your lips
atlantic tides
we are distant shores
languages we can’t speak
desires of
sculpted waists
lined backs
silk arms
surrendered flesh

kisses roll through me
avalanches and snowflakes
earthquakes and light rain
blankets and sheets
eager to be released
cradle your lips to my skin
sage smoking on the walls,
i keep your kisses in my shoes
for nights such as these


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