midnight blue III.

(“night calls“, samm henshaw.)

around this time, i only want you near
for now, satisfied with the meet and greet
in my sleep. in reality,
i may take your breath away.
a flame, a fire that’s tame during my wake
i am the sun, i do burn
outside of sleep
boundaries that keep me in
my love no more than evil deeds, life ends
lacking peace, surrounded by drones
trained to keep pace, among the living
i was born to be a song, a hymn
a hum, from inside you when there’s space
between our flesh. when you remember, the taste
a smile, no one else gets. in the mirage of dreams
where we live, in a simple embrace

around this time, i only want you near
easing into sleep, turning over to reach
arms open to hold, fingers stretching to grasp
life in dreams, i’m thriving here.
living is a new beginning
waking world, i race to leave
to kiss your lips that i don’t intend to kiss again
to kiss your body in places that i don’t fear
to swallow you, unashamed
because, what if light shall soon come?
i can be reckless in the dark
leave my rules and rigidity in the pockets
of tomorrow’s suit
i offer no apologies in whispers
for who i really am

around this time, i only want you near
my shy, introvert becomes beast
enamored with passion
we touch by hot stoves warming sweet breads and hot drinks
the smells will pull at me at some point in the day, pull me to you
remembering midnight
we linger in kisses, the world at our back, the world under our feet;
in each other, we’re our ancestor’s freed
we are more than this time, we abandon the lines we stand in,
the division that makes us colors, on the outside
we are bigger than decisions to exist or cease, transitions with no beginning or end,
we’re not limited to this body and this skin

around this time, i only want you near
no question of love or fear
not thinking of running or staying
we are risks that we take
because, what if light shall soon come?
we are power, no regrets
we release weights we couldn’t hold, to prove points no one asked us to make
we are forgiveness, my lips along your jaw line
your fingers drawing its way down my spine
we are sunday dreaming, loose and limp limbs
slow love, gentle, thick sweetness leaving trails
risking time, dodging sunrise
until our bodies are sore, our bones ache

around this time, i only want you near
life is always beginning
your soul, so close
your skin, i can taste
lingering gaze, moonlight clouded in the skies
tomorrow is on its way
the waking world has nothing on the night
i am truly alive
this fire, i allow to burn free
taking breaths you don’t need to breathe

around this time, i only want you near
i am truly alive

*image courtesy of katie ann. creative commons.*


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