midnight blue I.

if i could but touch you, i’d never stop
the smell of earth, cedar, and indigo surrounding
the fullness of you, teasing
after sleep
before i awake
visits of you
waft into my dreams

oh, how i yearn
to rest my hands
on the sides of you
inside of you
longing for the skin they were made to know
the arms they were made to hold
my tongue remembers your soul

the salt in the back of my throat
before i drink of your sacrifice
after i swallow
soft places
where good and evil meets
where blackness is safe

i die
i am reborn
your nails break skin
love and lust
selfishness and selflessness


exposed energy
your arms keep me

for a time
silenced sounds
thoughts shut down
time is extended,
“i’m yours, for the night”

you are elements
release breaths
into me to linger
remnants of your past lives
remain in my soul
moans in my sleep

midnight whispers
subliminal freedom hymns
muted midnight screams
leaving your fire
underneath my skin

by morning,
i need dry sheets

*image courtesy of lzee. flickr.com*


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