(samm henshaw, “only wanna be with you ” )

myself between your teeth
your heart beat
in the palm of my hand

my thigh between your legs
my soul rests
against the milk and honey
of your breasts

stroking hardness away
sifting for softness
your caress
balm for this old negro soul 

unwavering gaze
“you’re okay.”

planting crops
in between
in your body
endless fields
we lose our way
the wilderness provides safe

moon shines high above
crisp purple sky
our whispers
frost on the winds
harvesting warmth
woman loving
woman loved
hums that will linger
with morning’s dew

hums like hymns
falsetto love notes
spirit moving
soul shifting
holy dancing
beneath my skin
i can barely breathe

love coming down
in me
like a nurturing rain

watching you bite your lips,
you shake the heavens awake
call the tides to rise
send the winds to the mountain tops

flushed with river jordan’s streams
i’ll swallow my screams of,
i think i’m in love with you!”
you said it first


*image courtesy of lorenzo montezemelo/ flickr.com*




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