Image result for romantic black lesbians painting

i put my lips against her neck and let my teeth pierce her skin. i could have let her be. instead. i took her.

wrapped in moans. grunts. biting. begging. pleas for more. unfulfilled. depths of pleasure unexplored. satisfaction not enough. hungry for darkness. black holes. alternate existence.

she doesn’t break in my arms. beast untamed. stays the course. no panic. they all panic. the moment reality is bigger than the pleasure. near the end. they all panic. scream. try to run. fight. she holds me closer. 

her moan in my ear. refusal to let go. submission so sweet. her blood dripping from my lips. eggplant skin. anise on my tongue. i swallow her past. make her less herself. more me.

to be continued….

*image by nicclectic



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